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Devil’s Due

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I’m actually embarrassed to say I even saw it! After the promos with the demon baby in the stroller & watching the trailers for the movie, figured it looked scary enough for me. I’m a HUGE horror fan, scarier the better…I was really looking forward to seeing the evil baby… WELL…this movie was a HUGE disappointment…not only was it NOT scary or even creepy, but it had no plot, no storyline… There was a reference to some ancient symbol which COULD have meant someone was trying to connect with Satan…but nothing ever came of it. When the baby was finally born, the doctor held it & that was it! No mention to what it looked like, nothing was said. Baby didn’t cry…nothing! It was worse than the Soprano’s ending into nothingness.. All I can say is thank GOD I went on discount Tuesday, because if I had paid full price to see this garbage, I would have demanded my money back! STAY FAR AWAY from this movie! With what can be done with today’s make- ups, special effects & horror plots, this fell flat on it’s face! Stay home & watch American Horror Story on Netflix! SO much better than this POS movie!