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Labor Day

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“Labor Day” is one of the films that the Academy misses every year. Each year there are better films that are sidelined by lesser films that make the best picture list. “Labor Day” is one of errors made by the academy voters for 2013. There are four films on the Best Picture list I would scratch and replace with this one.

The story takes place over a long Labor Day weekend. Kate Winslet plays Adele. a troubled, divorced mother who is probably clinically depressed. She lives with her son Henry, played by Dylan Minnette at 16, and Toby McGuire as a young man.

Henry is the narrator of the story as his older self, Toby McGuire. The cutting edge of this drama is played by Josh Brolin, who is an escaped prisoner serving a sentence for murder. Brolin’s Frank creates a large mixed bag of emotions. He is scary, dangerous, kind, romantic, tender, calm, thoughtful, desperate and talented. In the beginning, Frank takes the family hostage, but Henry and Adele fall in love with their captor. He is a man’s man. He repairs things around the house. He knows how to repair the car, wash and wax the floors, and replace lights. And he can cook.

He ties Adele up. Then he feeds her tenderly a dish he has prepared for her which is delicious.

He teaches Henry how to throw a baseball and how to swing a baseball bat. The role of Frank is a great role for an actor, and Brolin is perfect in it. This was an Oscar-worthy performance that the academy missed.

There is no sex on screen but the film bakes in the heat of pent-up sexuality. Adele and Frank are on fire for each other, and there is a odd and funny connection between Henry and a young girl.

Even though the academy missed it, you should not. It is one of the best films for 2013.